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Sustainable and resilient supply chain

Our customers need a flexible and efficient supply chain. We are helping them by developing a rail-connected North Island freight hub network and increasing our collaboration with other regional ports. We are an import-dominant port thanks to our proximity to New Zealand’s largest consumer market, Auckland. 

By offering an efficient connection to overseas markets through our freight hub network we can support regional growth, balance our freight flows and reduce the unnecessary movement of empty containers. This approach has financial and environmental benefits for importers, exporters and our business. 

We have three freight hubs in operation in South Auckland, Manawatū and Waikato. All are strategically located next to the North Island main rail line and are at the centre of current and planned freight-generation and consumption areas.  

The Waikato Freight Hub is located in the heart of the ‘Golden Triangle’, New Zealand’s fastest-growing region. It has excellent rail and road connections to Auckland, Bay of Plenty and the lower North Island. The Waikato Freight Hub will be connected by rail to existing hubs at Wiri (South Auckland) and Longburn. 

Supporting local exporters and importers – and taking trucks off the road 

The port’s national supply chain network provides full logistics services around our Auckland seaport and a network of three regional freight hubs. The network is managed by Nexus Logistics, which works with clients to architect and design the most efficient supply chain. This means not only delivering financial savings but also reducing carbon emissions by taking more trucks off the road.  

Our wholly-owned​ subsidiaries, Nexus Logistics & Conlinxx, provide complete supply chain solutions to our customers that give them oversight of the full logistics environment and intermodal services. These include utilising rail where possible to reduce the number of trucks on Auckland and inter-regional roads. As a group, we have been awarded long term contracts with a number of well-known importers & exporters to manage their logistics after successful consecutive seasons where we reduced the number of truck journeys to/from the port by over 2,400 per week using the rail services between port & inland hubs. We believe by delivering an efficient and reliable service, we help our customers achieve their sustainability targets and goals. 

Port of Auckland's Carbon Calculator

The Supply Chain Carbon Calculator (Lite) is a web application developed for Port of Auckland to allow customers to calculate emissions from the transportation of their container cargo on road and rail across the North Island. POAL has also created a more sophisticated supply chain emissions tool which offers greater complexities of real-world infrastructure and interactions please contact Suhail Sequeira [email protected] for more information. Click here to use our carbon calculator. ​