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Vessels in Port

NB: Vessels showing as arriving to 'Anchorage' have not yet arrived in port. They are at an anchorage position outside the port.


Vessel Voyage In Voyage Out Agent Wharf
Vessel Ref
Vessel Ref Lloyd's No Arrival Delivery Departs Previous Port Next Port
AWANUIA AW502 AW502 Bunker Shipz Ltd Jellicoe East (JE)
9458042 Marsden Point
GARNET ACE 86A 86A Quadrant Pacific Limited As A Bledisloe West (B3)
GAA2097 9476769 Suva Wellington
HAMPSHIRE .. .. Thirty Seven South Ltd Wynyard Basin (W17)
9668142 Bora Bora
MAINE TRADER 025 026 Iss-Mckay Ltd Fergusson West (FX)
MNE1563 9292151 Lyttelton Wellington
NYK FUTAGO 073S 073N Ocean Network Expres Anchorage (G4)
NKF1550 9487524 Brisbane Lyttelton
PROMISE Diverse Projects Ltd Wynyard Basin (W5)
9805594 Bay Of Islands
SHERPA Thirty Seven South Ltd Queens East (QE)
9795529 Papeete
SOUTHERN TRADER ANCH ANCH Iss-Mckay Ltd Anchorage (G1)
9167423 Auckland Auckland
WILLIAM FRASER Mccallum Bros Ltd Freyberg-Jellicoe (FW)
0 Auckland