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Vessels in Port

NB: Vessels showing as arriving to 'Anchorage' have not yet arrived in port. They are at an anchorage position outside the port.


Vessel Voyage In Voyage Out Agent Wharf
Vessel Ref
Vessel Ref Lloyd's No Arrival Delivery Departs Previous Port Next Port
AWANUIA AW606 AW606 Bunker Shipz Ltd Jellicoe East (JE)
9458042 Marsden Point Marsden Point
BERGE JUNGFRAU 14/07 14/07 Quayside Ship Agenci Freyberg East (FD)
9846304 Indonesia*
EOS VICTORY 9 9 Wilhelmsen Ships Service Ltd Jellicoe East (JG)
9609299 Port Kembla Manzanillo
FIDELIO EF114 AF133 Wilhelmsen Ships Service Ltd Bledisloe West (B3)
FID3010 9332937 Manzanillo Brisbane
FRAGRANT ATHENA 2104 2104 Quayside Ship Agenci Anchorage (G3)
FAT3403 9864899 Busan Timaru
MARSDEN BAY 103 103 Mccallum Bros Ltd Marsden West (MA)
0 Portland Nz Portland Nz
NORTHERN GUILD 351S 352N Seaway Agencies (Nz) Ltd Fergusson West (FZ)
NGD3323 9348467 Brisbane Lyttelton
SAN PEDRO 001S 001S Iss-Mckay Ltd Fergusson West (FX)
SDO3253 9625281 Shanghai
SHANSI 2111 2111 Quadrant Pacific Limited As A Jellicoe West (JA)
SSI3361 9614476 Suva Brisbane