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Vessels in Port

NB: Vessels showing as arriving to 'Anchorage' have not yet arrived in port. They are at an anchorage position outside the port.


Vessel Voyage In Voyage Out Agent Wharf
Vessel Ref
Vessel Ref Lloyd's No Arrival Delivery Departs Previous Port Next Port
AWANUIA Bunker Shipz Ltd Captain Cook East (CE)
9458042 Auckland Auckland
BELLAVIA 347S 348N Seaway Agencies (Nz) Ltd Anchorage (G4)
BEV2694 9290440 Brisbane Lyttelton
BERGE JEBEL JAIS 17 17 Quayside Ship Agenci Freyberg East (FD)
9852688 Indonesia*
CAPITAINE TASMAN 049 049 Iss-Mckay Ltd Jellicoe East (JG)
CTA2496 9354533 Tauranga Suva
HAMPSHIRE Thirty Seven South Ltd Wynyard Basin (W17)
9668142 Wellington
HANSA OFFENBURG 2107 2108 Seaway Agencies (Nz) Ltd Anchorage (GB)
OFF2909 9516765 Melbourne Tauranga
HUPEH 2101 2101 Iss-Mckay Ltd Freyberg West (FB)
9714264 Newcastle New Plymouth
KALLIROE 011S 011N Cosco Shipping Lines (New Zeal Anchorage (G2)
KLL1546 9454357 Brisbane Singapore
MAIPO RIVER 78 78 Quayside Ship Agenci Chelsea South (CH)
9379935 Santos
MAJD KE112A KE112A Mediterranean Shipping Company Fergusson West (FZ)
MAJ2785 9323027 Sydney Nelson
MARSDEN BAY Mccallum Bros Ltd Captain Cook North (CD)
0 Portland Nz
NEFELI 2105 2106 Seaway Agencies (Nz) Ltd Anchorage (G9)
NEF2564 9491628 Melbourne Lyttelton
ROTTERDAM BRIDGE 385SB 386NB Seaway Agencies (Nz) Ltd Fergusson North (FN)
ROT2888 9224324 Auckland Lyttelton
SOUTHERN TRADER 491 491 Iss-Mckay Ltd Anchorage (G5)
KRJ2387 9167423 Pago Pago Papeete
TIANJIN BRIDGE 151 152 Seaway Agencies (Nz) Ltd Anchorage (G3)
TJB2671 9282962 Lyttelton Wellington
WILLIAM FRASER Mccallum Bros Ltd Bledisloe North East (B2)
0 Auckland
WISDOM ACE 61A 61A Quadrant Pacific Limited As A Anchorage (G8)
WAC2813 9641833 Brisbane