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Our People

Our people are our biggest asset. We are committed to looking after each other by providing a safe workplace, celebrating diversity and promoting development.

We employ more than 500 direct employees and a further 187,000 jobs are facilitated by the port’s activities.  We embrace and celebrate diversity, and for the first time in our history more than half of our high-potential staff are female. We were recognised by the EEO Trust Diversity Awards in 2014.

Keeping our people safe is our number one priority.  In the past year we have made significant gains around the visibility of health and safety.  We have improved auditing and reporting, communication with staff and recognition of positive safety behaviour.

More than three-quarters of our team work shifts so that we can keep the port running 24-7, 365 days of the year.

To help our people develop their skills, we provide opportunities for them to work across multiple departments and in projects to increase their understanding of the wider business.

Our team is committed to innovation and improvement. In 2015 our team contributed more than 170 ideas on how we could improve our operations and more than 36 of these ideas have been implemented. The skills of our people and their ideas have helped us develop and introduce new technology, equipment and processes that are enabling us to achieve world-class productivity.