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PortConnect goes live, promises supply chain efficiencies

Ports of Auckland and Port of Tauranga today launched their single window container management portal - ‘PortConnect’.

With the introduction of this portal the two largest ports in New Zealand will provide leadership in the industry to shave costs and increase the efficiency of the supply chain.

Both ports have individual cargo management systems – InterACT and Cargo Connect – which have provided a platform for efficiency gains through increasing the ability for customers to transact electronically, and thus automate port processes.

“Developing and maintaining separate cargo management systems to perform the same tasks is a huge waste of resources for both ports,” Ports of Auckland Chief Executive Tony Gibson says.

PortConnect serves to standardise the tools and mechanisms by which customers / users can access or deliver information to the various ports, while maintaining confidentiality of the information.

Security and confidentiality of data has been a key driver and a lot of time has been invested in putting up walls to ensure this is maintained. Databases will remain confidential and all transactions will occur directly between the user and the port, as they do today.

“Confidentiality of customer information has been a crucial element throughout the product development. We may collaborate to improve efficiencies, but remain fierce competitors,” Ports of Tauranga Chief Executive Mark Cairns says.

Over the next 18 to 24 months, PortConnect is expected to be developed further and we hope it will be embraced by other ports across the country making it a NZ wide cargo management system.

To view the PortConnect website please go to