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Technology and Systems

Investment in the development of our staff has resulted in innovation and the introduction of new technology, equipment and processes that are enabling us to achieve world-class productivity.

Our industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and technology and innovation are key drivers in creating a world-class, modern port. We are working harder and smarter to leverage technology that helps to improve our processes and our productivity. High productivity is important because it means we are using our land efficiently and reduces our need for reclamation. 

Port of Auckland's efficiency and productivity have improved dramatically over time. In order to deliver the best service to our customers, we are focused on container terminal process optimisation that leads us to higher productivity rates. ​In 2011, we started to put in place measures to lift our performance and in 2015 we benchmarked our performance globally and found that we are performing well above world averages on most measures.

The size and shape of our port mean that a one-size-fits-all approach to technology and sytems just doesn't suit. We need to be innovative about what technologies we leverage to get the best efficiencies.