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Port competitors to launch online portal to increase supply chain efficiencies

The two largest container terminal operators in New Zealand, Port of Tauranga Ltd and Ports of Auckland Ltd have announced their intention to launch a single container management portal called ‘PortConnect’.

“With this project, we have buried our historical differences to work collaboratively whilst still remaining fiercely competitive,” Ports of Auckland Chief Executive Tony Gibson said.

Port of Tauranga Chief Executive Mark Cairns echoed Mr Gibson’s sentiment.

“This is the first project of its kind in New Zealand and it is only fitting that the two largest ports in the country work together to provide leadership in the industry,” he said.

PortConnect will provide a single ‘port of call’ for shipping companies, transporters, importers, exporters and regulatory authorities for all of their dealings with participating ports.

It will offer the most comprehensive range of container management tools and instant access to a central repository of containerised cargo information.

“PortConnect effectively shaves cost from the supply chain making it leaner and more efficient,” Mr Cairns said.

Mr Gibson said, “By embracing technology there is enormous potential to be captured particularly as we refine and build on the capabilities of the PortConnect initiative.”

PortConnect will be live and available to the shipping community as of Friday 28 September and is expected to be embraced by other New Zealand ports.