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Christmas & New Year VBS Release Times 2016 / 2017

​Please see below our VBS release dates and times for the holiday period.

DateRelease Date Release Time
Saturday 24 December, 201622/12/20161100hrs
Sunday 25 December, 2016CLOSEDCLOSED
Monday 26 December, 201623/12/20160900hrs
Tuesday 27 December, 201623/12/20161000hrs
Wednesday 28 December, 201623/12/20161100hrs
Thursday 29 December, 201628/12/20160900hrs
Friday 30 December, 201628/12/20161100hrs
Saturday 31 December, 201629/12/20160900hrs
Sunday 1 January, 2017CLOSEDCLOSED
Monday 2 January, 201730/12/20160900hrs
Tuesday 3 January, 201730/12/20161000hrs
Wednesday 4 January, 201730/01/20171100hrs

 Information on our Operating Hours during the Christmas and New Year period can be located on the Ports of Auckland website.

For more information please contact:

Customer Service
P: +64 9 348 5100 Ext.1
Email us

For VBS queries, please contact:
Drivers Assist
P: +64 9 348 5100 Ext.2
[email protected]