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OC1 / Trident Service

Customs Requirements: OC1 /Trident Service

​​​Good afternoon,

Ports of Auckland have recently been approached by New Zealand Customs to ensure correct clearances are being obtained for Domestic Coastal Cargo that travels via Australia (or any other international locations). To date we have not had a formal process to capture the CEDO status for these containers.

We have identified that Coastal cargo travelling on the OC1/Trident service ex Auckland will fit this description.

Some exporters already apply for these Customs clearances and we understand some Lines are also doing this for tranships that fall into this category.

New Zealand Customs have required us to treat this cargo with the same rules as other cargo that is leaving New Zealand.

​In order to fulfil our obligations, from 14 November 2016, a CEDO hold will be applied to these containers as is done for international exports and tranships. If no CEDO has been received up to 2 hours prior to vessel ETA, a 2 Hour No CEDO hold will be applied to the container and current re-instatement procedures and charges will apply. 

For those applying for and creating an Outward Cargo Report (OCR) to submit to Customs, when listing a New Zealand port as the port of discharge, this may incorrectly create an Inward Cargo Report (ICR). In such instances, Customs have agreed that applying with an Australian port as the port of discharge would suffice to create the OCR required.

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