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Three giant container cranes arriving at Ports of Auckland


EDIT - August 2019:

At the time the cranes were delivered we thought we might work a few trial ships with them around the middle of 2019, but we decided not to, for two reasons. We changed the timing of automation so that go live didn’t happen during the export peak, and because of the amount of infrastructure work going on for automation, like pavement work in the area behind the cranes.

The cranes, along with automation, will go live in February 2020.


On Friday 5 October, Ports of Auckland will take delivery of three giant new container cranes. The cranes, which stand 82.3 metres tall and weigh 2,100 tonnes, will arrive by ship, creating a dramatic sight as they enter the Waitematā Harbour.

"We need bigger, faster cranes so we can keep up with Auckland's growth.  More people in the city means more freight.  The ships that bring our goods from overseas are getting bigger, so we need to make sure we can handle them.  With these new cranes, and the new deep water berth they will sit on, we'll be able to handle the biggest ships coming to New Zealand." - Matt Ball, Ports of Auckland spokesperson

The cranes will be moved onto the wharf over the following week and there will then be a five to six month commissioning process before they start operating.


Friday 5 October from approximately 7am until 8am


The cranes can be viewed from anywhere on the harbour.  Media are invited to view the arrival from Fergusson Container Terminal.  Contact Matt Ball for more details.


  • Height: 82.3 metres (current cranes are 69.2m). For comparison, the HSBC building in downtown Auckland is 81m and the Auckland Harbour Bridge is 64m.
  • Weight: 2,100 tonnes (current cranes are 1,200 and 1,300 tonnes)
  • Able to lift four containers at once, weighing up to 130 tonnes, a New Zealand first (current cranes can lift two, up to 65 tonnes)
  • Able to be remotely operated – a New Zealand first.
  • Able to lift containers stacked at different heights (up to 1.2 metres height difference).  A world first.
  • Lash platforms, a New Zealand first and an industry-leading safety innovation.
  • Can service ships of over 11,000 TEU, future-proofing Auckland's port against future ship size increases.
  • Outreach: 21 containers across (current cranes 16 and 19 across)
  • Boom length (waterside to tip): 70m (current cranes 50.7m and 56.9m)
  • Built in Shanghai and took three weeks to sail from Shanghai to Auckland
  • Enough solar panels to power the average Kiwi home and 100% LED lighting


CONTACT:     Matt Ball

                        Head of Communications

                        M: +6421 495 645

                        E: [email protected]