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Two Day Mediation Underway Between POAL & MUNZ

Ports of Auckland and the Maritime Union are today meeting for further mediation, which is set down for two days. 

The parties will work through the company’s offer to the Union, the 10th since negotiations over the collective agreement began last September.

Ports of Auckland’s offer includes a 10% pay increase, with full-time employees having 160 hours of guaranteed work in each 4 week cycle.  The shift roster will take into account staff preferences, with preferred shifts and days off being distributed fairly and reasonably.  

Further performance bonuses of up to 10% are included in the package.

The company said it would be presenting significant additional detail on how the rostering system would work to provide the ability for workers to plan their lives and to meet the needs of customers in a modern 24/7 Port operation.

We have listened to the ideas from the Union presented at the last mediation around roste​ring and have worked to ensure that where practicable shifts are based on personal preference.

There are a number of areas where we believe the parties can find agreement, and will be focusing on these, with a view to making progress towards a collective agreement.

Ports of Auckland is confident that changes detailed in mediation today also provide a significant lift in productivity and service, which Port users and Shipping Lines have been calling for.