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Ports of Auckland welcomes outcome of Port Future Study

Port Study consensus good for Auckland

Ports of Auckland today welcomed the outcome of the Port Future Study.  "The Study has delivered a consensus which provides the port with certainty, so it can continue to meet the needs of its customers and the people of Auckland", said Port CEO Tony Gibson.

"I would like to recognise the work of fellow Consensus Working Group members in achieving what many thought was impossible.  It was not an easy process.  Group members worked hard to understand the issues and each other's views.  We have all made compromises.  As a result the outcome is robust and can be delivered.  I hope Aucklanders will recognise the work that has been done on their behalf and be supportive.

We are a very good port operating company – we recently won an international award for the 'Best Seaport – Oceania', which reflects just how good our people and operations are. However, we are not a new-port development company.  The decision about where we will operate from will be determined through a process led by our owner, Auckland Council.

"Our focus will continue to be on operating a world-class port and making an important social and economic contribution to New Zealand for as long as is required.

"No port location is ideal and all present significant challenges.  It will take billions of dollars and many years to deliver a new port and in that time we will continue to meet Auckland's growing freight demand through innovation, not reclamation.  We will also work hard to improve our sustainability and reduce our impacts on the environment and the community.

"The Consensus Working Group has agreed that Ports of Auckland needs more berth space for general cargo and that a wharf structure on the northern end of Bledisloe Terminal is needed.  Ports of Auckland will now start the process of designing that wharf.

"We have taken reclamation off the table in response to community concerns, so any future capacity will be delivered by using a piled structure, which could later be removed.  Design of the new wharf will start soon.  We will work on this project in an open and transparent manner and will consult stakeholders and the public."


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