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Future Director joins Ports of Auckland Board

Ports of Auckland has appointed Siobhan McKenna as a ‘Future Director’ as part of the Institute of Directors (IoD) Future Directors programme.


Ports of Auckland has selected Siobhan McKenna as their first Future Director, as part of the Institute of Directors (IoD) Future Directors programme. Started in 2013, the programme is about developing the next generation of directors and delivering new talent and fresh perspectives at board level.


McKenna has a background in media, digital and utility sectors and was founder and CEO of MediaWorks Interactive. She is partner in a global management consulting company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and is currently leading transformation in part of the education sector in New Zealand.


Ports of Auckland Board Chair and IoD President, Liz Coutts says that the Ports of Auckland Board is pleased to be working with the Institute of Directors.  “Good governance is a vital part of the success of New Zealand companies and to get good governance we need a strong and diverse talent pool of young directors. By hosting a Future Director we are playing our part in growing that talent pool and contributing to New Zealand’s future success.”


“We are delighted to welcome Siobhan and look forward to her involvement with our board over the next 12 months.  As much as Siobhan will be learning from us, we see this as a great opportunity to benefit from her background and expertise,”  says Coutts.


Future Directors was founded by Sir Stephen Tindall (The Warehouse/Tindall Foundation), Michael Stiassny (past President IoD) and Des Hunt (NZ Shareholders Association) in 2013 as part of the IoD’s initiatives to provide a pipeline for future talent in governance.


Future Directors are not formally appointed to a board and as such hold no voting rights and do not contribute to the quorum.  They are not part of the formal-decision making process, but are there to observe and participate in discussions.


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