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Road Alert: Implementing Kiosks at Multi-Cargo

Good Morning,

We wish to advise that we are working on implementing Pre-gate kiosks for containerised cargo at Multi-Cargo. The project's pilot phase is planned to commence with 2 kiosks in June 2023.

Pre-gate kiosks have been successfully running in the Fergusson Truck Park for Terminal containers for several years and will already be familiar to many transporters and drivers.

Once implemented, this will assist to streamline the existing R&D process at Multi-Cargo and mirror the existing process at Fergusson Terminal with the option of either the Pre-gate kiosk or the 0800 number for container truck drivers on arrival.


If your company is not already registered for Express Pins via Port Connect at Fergusson Terminal for Container Cargo, we encourage you to register.

To register and maintain the Express PIN function, trucking companies will need to contact PortConnect directly at [email protected] or 09 348 5120. A current Ports of Auckland account will be required

If you already have access and are using Express PIN at Fergusson Terminal kiosks, you don't need to do anything at this stage.

​We thank you for your patience and co-operation.