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Ports of Auckland VBS Replacement – Update

The POAL Carrier Access Arrangement ("CAA") is now available in Containerchain. Transporters must accept the CAA for each Fergusson facility (POAL Fergusson Container Terminal, POAL Fergusson Empty Export and POAL Fergusson LINK) to enable access to view the booking schedule.

The Containerchain system will be open at midday on Monday 12th July. At that time, you can make bookings for slots from Monday 19th July onwards. We will continue with the current 9-day advance booking rule, therefore on Monday 12th you will see capacity in Containerchain only for Monday 19th through to Wednesday 21st July.


As a reminder, on Sunday 18th July no bookings can be made in either 1-Stop nor Containerchain. Transporters can arrive at the terminal at any time on Sunday from 00:01 until 23.59 and be processed manually at the Road Office (normal fees apply).

Bookings in Containerchain for the 19th July will commence from 01:00.  Between 00:00 – 00:59, the terminal will not process any vehicles.

New rules, fees and processes

In a previous advisory we indicated the use of peak / off-peak bookings and differentiated fees. From 19th July – 31st October 2021, we will maintain an $8.00 flat rate for all bookings while the new system gets established. The no show surcharge of $67.00 (maintaining the current $75.00 fee level) will apply on top of the booking fee if you fail to cancel or turn up for a booking.

From 1 November, peak / off-peak times and rates will apply as previously advised. Closer to the time we will send out a reminder of those times and fees.