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Port and Maritime Union join forces to agree industry first and fundamental change to stevedore contract

Port and Maritime Union join forces to agree industry first and fundamental change to stevedore contract  

Maritime Union New Zealand (MUNZ) and Ports of Auckland (POAL) have today agreed to a pay structure which provides Stevedore more stability of income.

In an industry first, Ports of Auckland Stevedores will move to a salaried income, providing stability of income for families at a time when the cost of living is pinching. 

Maritime Union spokesperson Russell Mayn MUNZ Secretary for Local 13 say it's an opportune time for both parties to agree the collective given the uncertainties surrounding the future of the port.

"The introduction of dynamic rostering will be a game changer for a work life balance for Stevedores going forward. For the port of Auckland and its Maritime Union members this will be the first salaried contract" says Russell. 

The extension of the current collective agreement to 2024 provides stability for the port and its shareholder. The extra years extension will include an increase of pay in line with consumer price index (CPI) with an upper limit. It also includes 40-hour salaries for Stevedores.

Ports of Auckland CEO Roger Gray says the collaboration between the port and union has been beneficial for everyone involved.

"I'm proud of how the two organisations have worked collaboratively on this change. This change provides pay certainty to our Stevedores. This agreement also gives employees the ability to budget, plan, and work with banks on securing financial support for things like first home buying" he says.

This is just the start. The port and MUNZ will continue working together using their new "high engagement" model on a new Stevedore rostering system to be implemented in 2023. The new rostering will give the port assurances they have the resources to meet shipping needs while also giving Stevedores more say in the shifts they work, supporting a better work-life balance.