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Helicopter fly-in/out facility fee increase

We wish to advise that the Tariff Facility Fee for Helicopter fly ins/outs at Multi-Cargo will increase from $981.26 to $1,962.52 (exclusive of GST) on the 01st July 2023.

The increase in cost for the Facility Fee is due to the heightened onsite Safety&Wellbeing requirements, allocation of operational space and any associated Traffic management requirements to safely enable the operation.

The above assumes that the entire operation is to be undertaken during one working day (8 hours). Should additional preparation time be required for prolonged operations, there will be a daily fee of $1,962.52 exclusive of GST charged for the continued use of the operational space provided. The associated footprint used for assembling/disassembling as well as any potential import/export storage is to be charged additionally.

We thank you for your co-operation.

​​Please contact Multi Cargo for further info or for any other issues.