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Excess Dwell Charge, Improving container flow

​New excess dwell charge to be introduced in two stages from 1 July 2022, to improve the flow of containers through Ports of Auckland.

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of import containers staying on port a long time – in some cases over a month! The port is not a storage facility, so when containers stay longer, it uses up capacity and slows down operations. The number of rehandles and container moves goes up, which slows down everything, including truck, train and ship operations.

To fix this problem, from 1 July 2022 we will introduce an Excess Dwell Charge in two phases, targeting the longest dwelling containers first. The charge will apply to all laden imports at the port (Fergusson terminal and Multi-cargo).

  • From July 1, laden import containers which have been on the port for 15 days or longer will attract an excess dwell charge of $175 per TEU per day.
  • From September 1, laden import containers which have been on the port for 8-14 days will attract an excess dwell charge of $125 per TEU per day.

The Excess Import Dwell Charge is in addition to the applicable demurrage.

We will keep sending shipping lines daily reports of all containers in the yard and work with them to contact importers whose containers stay on port past their free time. However, customers are still responsible for getting all the necessary clearances to remove their containers from the port quickly.

A reminder of the rules for containers remaining beyond the standard free time:

1.            Storage is charged from the end of the free days to date of delivery.

2.            Demurrage charges start at 06:00 on the day after the last free day.

3.            All associated reefer charges are applicable once on demurrage.

4.            Free days include Sundays and exclude Public Holidays

5.            Once on demurrage, all days – including Public Holidays are counted in  the dwell time.

We expect the excess dwell charge will help to change behaviours, reduce congestion, and improve container flow through the port, which will benefit everyone in the supply chain.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in these challenging times.

​For further information contact:
Customer Service
P: 09 348 5360
E: [email protected]