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Changes in Handling of Long Dwelling Imports at Fergusson Terminal

Good afternoon,

Because of congestion across the market caused by volatility in vessel schedules, strong import and export volumes and the ongoing Level 3 lockdown, we have been working on ways to free up capacity in the terminal.
One solution is to move long dwelling import containers from the terminal to an offsite secure storage location.
​From next week, Monday 18th October, POAL will introduce a new process to transfer any import laden containers that dwell at the port for more than 20 days to a storage facility at Nexus Southdown. This will help keep yard utilisation under 100%, reduce congestion and increase productivity at the port.

The process will work as follows:

  • Only fully cleared, dry and non-HAZ import containers will be moved to Nexus Southdown.
  • Each Tuesday the POAL Customer Service Team will notify Line Operators of containers that have already exceeded 20-days or will exceed it by Friday the same week. Arrangements to collect these containers must be put in place by 1700 Thursday the same week. Any containers without such arrangements will be moved to Nexus Southdown over upcoming weekend and no exceptions will be made.
  • On Friday POAL Customer Service Team will send Line Operators a list of containers confirmed for the move to Southdown.  
  • Once transferred to Southdown containers will be available for pick up from this site. To arrange a pick-up Importers will need to contact POAL Customer Service Team during operational hours and confirm acceptance of outstanding charges (including but not limited to demurrage, inspections etc.) accrued at POAL and storage accrued at Southdown. 
  • Storage at both facilities will be charged according to POAL import demurrage tariff. For details, please refer to POAL Price Schedule.
  • Nexus Southdown storage facility is open for container collection 24/7 except public holidays.

​We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For further information contact:
Customer Service
P: 09 348 5100 ext.1
[email protected]