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COVID-19 Update

Dear Shipping Line Representatives and Port Agents


Following the recent COVID-19 cases in Auckland we have undertaken a review of risks and processes related to crew exchanges and contractors or visitors to international vessels.

We had thought that the New Zealand Authorities had a robust process in place for international crew exchanges, but this case has identified some significant failings and we are therefore implementing some interim changes until the Authorities have revised their processes:

  1. We will reinstate the exchange of international crew (those that fly in to New Zealand to board a ship)  on the proviso that crew have completed the NZ Governments 14 day managed isolation programme and they have been cleared by the MIQ centre for discharge with negative Covid test results.  This applies irrespective of whether the ship is departing overseas or visiting other New Zealand ports.
  2. Local New Zealand crew exchanges may occur without crew completing an managed isolation period.
  3. Crew disembarking continue to follow the current processes.


The New Zealand Authorities need to tighten up the crew change process and this point has been made very clear at the highest levels.

Following a review of the visitor process we ask that in addition to current processes:

  • Agents ensure that the vessel visitor list provided to POAL is accurate – it MUST list the visitors who will actually visit the ship, and not be a cut and paste ‘proposal’ of any possible visitors.
  • Contractors or suppliers visiting international ships must keep an accurate record of what ships they have visited, and they must advise POAL Security (email if they will board or have crew interaction on more than one vessel during their time at the port. 

These decisions have not been taken lightly. We need to ensure that we minimise the risk of COVID-19 for staff as quarantining staff for 14 days would have a significant impact to our business continuity and ability to service our customers.

You are reminded that all visitors or contractors must distance (at least 2m) from international ship crew and not touch common surfaces (unless they are cleaned).  All ship crew must wear Covid PPE (mask and gloves) when visitors or contractors are onboard, as must the visitor or contractor  

If you have any questions regarding this then please do not hesitate to raise via


We will keep you updated with developments as we hear from the Authorities.


Allan D'Souza

GM Marine, Engineering and Multi-Cargo



For further information contact:
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P: 09 348 5100 ext.1