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COVID-19 Update - Alert Level 4

Good Afternoon,

​Auckland will be staying in Alert Level 4 until midnight Tuesday 31st August 2021 at this stage. The port provides an essential service on the border and with the more transmissible variant we need to take a cautious approach.

We advised last week that along with some changes at the exit gate enabling a contactless check of container numbers by the security team, we have been working with Spark to set up an 0800 Free to call phone number for Fergusson Terminal. This work has been completed and we will run this as a pilot at Fergusson first, starting from 0700 Thursday 26th August 2021 and welcome feedback on the process. We are still working on configuring changes to the process at Multi Cargo and will advise once the work has been completed.

The 0800 number has been introduced to reduce the number of drivers needing to exit their trucks at the port and therefore reducing the risk to drivers, their families, trucking companies and the supply chain. Pre-gate kiosks will continue to be available for the remainder of the week, however from next week only the 0800 number will be available for processing trucks at Fergusson terminal.

Please note the process below for using the 0800 number at Fergusson Terminal (NOT the Empty Yard).

The road office team will now be dealing with increased volume of phone calls. Despatchers wanting to contact Driver Assist are asked to do so via email and not phone so that Drivers in the truck park using the 0800 number are not delayed!

​Fergusson Terminal (NOT the MT Yard)

  • When your driver arrives in the truck park and they are on time for their VBS booking they ring the Drivers Assist team on 0800 767 800.  
  • When the staff answer the phone, they will check on the cameras that your driver is in the truck park and then ask for the information the drivers would normally give in the office.
  • Drivers licence number and fleet number
  • Express pin number(s)
  • Or container number(s) and delivery check number(s)
  • Positions and door direction.

Also as a further reminder – we stress again the importance to all Drivers the need to follow our Safety and Wellbeing protocols when visiting the port:​

  • stick to the speed limit – 30km
  • please do not move away from your designated standing point when at the Truck Grid kiosks
  • do not enter the truck grids when the barrier arms are lowered.

These requirements a​re for the safety and wellbeing of everyone who is operating at the port.  

​We thank you for your patience and co-operation.