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America’s Cup Event - Update


Dear Port Customer,

As you may know, the America's Cup sailing event is being held between December 2020 and March 2021 in Auckland.

It is a big event for Auckland and our city looks forward to hosting it, but it will also cause disruption to commercial shipping.

As a follow-up to an earlier advisory distributed in August 2020 (attached for your convenience), we wish to share some updates as there have been some changes since then.

We have advised relevant stakeholders that we can facilitate the use of race courses B & C – which are the preferred courses. Courses B & C will affect shipping as these are in the main channel. Course A will allow shipping but consideration will need to be given to racing / support vessels and spectators to get to/from the course (likewise with courses D & E).

Please note that for all events both designated race days and reserve days will be able to race on courses B or C should they choose so and if the weather conditions are suitable for those courses.  

This means for all those days, the port will be closed for ship movements from 13:00 to 19:00 each day.

  • The last arrival time will be 12:00 hrs (11:00 hrs for Fergusson North ship arrivals)
  • The last departure time will be 12:00 hrs
  • The first arrival time will be 19:00 hrs
  • The first departure time will be 19:00 hrs

The port will only know if the reserve days are needed, in cases where racing on any of the designated days is unable to occur.  If the reserve days are not required, the port will be fully open. We will only be advised by 10:30 hrs each race day which course has been chosen for racing.  However, there is likely to be some idea the night prior based on current and forecasted weather conditions.

The events and dates are:


America's Cup World Series and Xmas Cu​p​

17 to 20 December (inclusive)​​ 

Prada Cup Round Robin Series
Round Robin racing
Fri 15 January to Sun 17 Januarydesignated race days
Mon 18 January & Tue 19 January           reserve days
Fri 22 January to Sun 24 Januarydesignated race days
Mon 25 January & Tue 26 January           reserve days
Prada Semi Finals ​​
Fri 29 January to Sun 31 Januarydesignated race days
Tue 2 February                               designated race day
Wed 3 February & Thu 4 February             reserve days
Prada Finals
Sat 13 February & Sun 14 February  designated race days
Tue 16 February                                                reserve day
Wed 17 February                                 designated race day
Thu 18 February                                                reserve day
Fri 19 February to Mon 22 February  designated race days
Tue 23 February & Wed 24 February              reserve days
America's Cup Racing
Sat 06 March & Sun 07 Marchdesignated race days
Tue 09 March                                                   reserve day
Wed 10 March                                                 designated race day
Fri 12 March                                                      designated race day
Sat 13 March to Mon 15 March                 designated race days only required if no final achieved by Fri 12 March
Tue 16 March to Sun 21 March                 reserve days

At Ports of Auckland we will do our best to ensure the needs of commercial shipping is managed with the least possible disruption during the America's Cup event.

Our Berthage Coordinators for the Container Terminal, Harbour Control and Multi-Cargo Operations team will liaise closely with customers when planning vessel calls when the event is underway.

We will continue to keep you updated with developments as we get closer to the Event starting.

Kind regards

Allan D'Souza

GM Marine, Engineering and General Operations

Ports of Auckland