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Contributing to New Zealand

We are New Zealand’s largest container port, supporting trade and growth and contributing to the smooth running of the country’s economy.

We are committed to the continued judicious use of the port's land and responsible infrastructure development that will enable Aucklanders to live in a thriving, vibrant, liveable city with access to better-value goods, the benefits of tourism and a world-class port that also benefits Kiwis and local exporters.

Auckland's growth is showing no sign of abating.  As the port on the doorstep of Auckland we are the most direct route into the Auckland market for imports and we expect our volumes to continue to climb in the long term.  We are investing to ensure we can meet that growth in volume. Nearly three-quarters of our inbound cargo is for Auckland – the delivery of goods is quick, the cost of goods is low and our carbon footprint is small because the port is close to the city.

Ports of Auckland is owned by Auckland Council via its investment arm Auckland Council Investments, although we operate independently. Ultimately we are owned by Auckland ratepayers and the dividend we pay is used for the benefit of Aucklanders. In 2015 our dividend was equivalent to about 3.75% of the average Auckland residential rates bill, or $88 per household. We also contribute to the economy by employing over 500 people and further estimate that 187,000 jobs are facilitated by the port.

Our container terminal is the most efficient in Australasia for speed of loading and unloading ships. We are also a vital tourism hub and handle around 100 cruise ships annually. Each cruise visit benefits the local economy by about $1.5 million and adds to the vitality of Auckland.

We are the country’s largest vehicle import port.  We handle nearly 250,000 cars a year plus trucks, buses, farm machinery and more.  We get deliveries of up to 3,000 vehicles at a time and get them off the port in two or three days.  Our efficiency helps make imports cheaper and exports more competitive.

We are a story of growth and change.  The Waitematā port has operated for over 175 years and gone from a few simple wharves to a large container terminal.  The advent of containerisation has seen a dramatic lift in efficiency – once ships would stay for days or weeks and now they can come and go in less than a day.  As a result the port now handles more freight than ever before but on less land than in the past, so former port land has been opened up for public use.  Much of the central business district is built on former port land.

The Onehunga port, on the Manukau Harbour, has seen trade decline dramatically with modern shipping practices and in 2016 it will close as a freight port.  It will be sold and redeveloped for public use.

We continue to evolve our port to better serve New Zealand’s growth.