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Environmental Projects

In 2014 Ken Samson of the Motutapu Restoration Trust alerted us to a moth plant infestation on our land along Tamaki Drive. Ken had been weeding the area himself to remove moth plant so it doesn’t send seeds out to Motutapu Island, where the trust are working hard to clear weeds and restore native plants.

​Moth weed caused the greatest concern as its seeds had the ability to spread by wind to the Hauraki Gulf islands. By spring, we had cleared the weeds and overgrown vegetation and sprayed the site to ensure they would not grow back.

In their place, we planted 1,800 square metres in native trees and shrubs and installed an irrigation system in the area to ensure the plants would survive through the summer months. The area now provides a native landscaped buffer area between our port and Tamaki Drive.

As a result of the eradication of invasive weeds we have removed a habitat for pests and rodents, and have been complimented by the Motutapu Restoration Trust on eliminating all moth weed in the area.