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Noise and Traffic Management

We welcome your feedback. If you have a complaint or have feedback on activity at our port please email us at [email protected]

We aim to acknowledge all enquiries in writing within 48 hours and, if required, provide detailed responses within 10 working days. If you need to contact us urgently please contact Harbour Control on +64 9 348 5200.

Noise Control

We operate within strict noise limits and continually work to find ways to improve and reduce noise emitted from our port.

Our noise-control initiatives include:

  • Additional soundproofing and noise-reduction features fitted to new straddle carriers and other equipment
  • The elimination of or reductions in the majority of warning sirens on heavy machinery
  • Ship horns no longer being used to signal departures from the Fergusson Container Terminal; these are used only for safety such as on foggy mornings
  • The elimination of rail crossing alarms
  • The minimisation of rail shunt moves
  • Fitting of alarm mufflers to two gantry cranes
  • Requiring as many container ships as can safely do so to berth bow south, minimising the impact of generator noise on neighbours
  • Working with the shipping lines to further reduce the noise from ship generators
  • Seeking to ensure that new developments in close proximity to the port have adequate soundproofing.

While we work to reduce noise that is disruptive, it’s important that the safety of our staff is not compromised. Warning alarms are essential when people work around dangerous and heavy equipment. We are required by law to provide all means necessary to ensure a safe working environment for our employees.

Traffic Management

We recognise that noise and congestion from trucks visiting our port can be a concern for our community at times, so we’ve developed a range of initiatives to help us better address traffic around the area. At a strategic level, we are working to improve the overall efficiency and resilience of the Auckland transport network, so that it can cope with future freight demand.

Ports of Auckland transport initiatives include: