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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Media Release

Ports of Auckland willing to accept Facilitator’s recommendations

After considering the recommendations received from Facilitator Alastair Dumbleton last week, Ports of Auckland has advised him that it is willing to accept his package of recommendations.

Ports of Auckland CEO Tony Gibson said that while the port is not happy with aspects of the package, he was willing to compromise in order to do a deal.

“Accepting the recommendations means compromise on both sides”, he said, “but it also offers significant benefits for the port, port staff, their families, and Auckland as a whole. Last year Garry Parsloe gave the Mayor an assurance that the union would ‘consider and respond in a positive way to the recommendations of the Facilitator’, so I am hopeful that the Maritime Union will also accept the recommendations without further delay.”

Details of the recommendations are still confidential, so POAL will not be making any further comment until the recommendations are made public.


Alastair Dumbleton is the Chief Member of the Employment Relations Authority. He was appointed as Facilitator in the dispute between POAL and MUNZ under Section 50A to I of the Employment Relations Act 2000. Facilitation started on May 8, 2012.


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