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Good Afternoon,

We are experiencing a high number of Empties coming in to Fergusson Terminal. To manage the flow of trucks more efficiently we require that the following processes are applied from Monday 12 November 2018.

These changes are designed to minimise delays which we see is due to units not being pre-advised or lack of information presented at the gate.

Empty Export delivered for a vessel

  • All Export Containers must be pre-advised as per our normal process.
  • Any Empty container not pre-advised will be pre-advised by the road office staff and the tariff charge of $20.90 + GST will be applied against the transporter's account. Please be advised that we will not seek cost acceptance as this is currently creating significant delays and contributing to congestion levels on the road.

Empty Containers for LINK

  • Shipping Lines have been instructed to set LNK (Link) as the return location in PortConnect.
  • Any Empty units that you are returning and not meeting the above will require a written acceptance from the Line Operator for those empty containers which do not have LNK (Link) set as return location in Port system, as per our standing procedure.


We ask please that you communicate to your drivers that they are to remain in their cabs until they have reached the front of the MT gate queue before proceeding on foot into the road office. This is to ensure the truck queue moves efficiently and that drivers do not place themselves in unsafe situations by exiting the cab early and walking through the lanes.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation in following these processes which are not new but have not been followed as tightly as we need during this very busy time.

For more information please contact:

Customer Service
P: +64 9 348 5100 Ext.1
Email us

For VBS queries, please contact:
Drivers Assist
P: +64 9 348 5100 Ext.2
[email protected]