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25 JUNE 2013

Industrial Relations Update

Dividing Line

Last week, Ports of Auckland had two meetings with the Maritime Union of New Zealand (MUNZ-Local 13) for facilitation.

Although the Union has been positive in the media about the outcome of the meetings, we are more realistic in that we still have a long way to go.

On Friday last week, the union also filed a memorandum in the Employment Court as part of their resistance to adoption of the flexible roster recommended by the Facilitator. This is frustrating as the recommended roster is fundamental to POAL's future success.

Perhaps surprisingly in the circumstances, MUNZ had already advised some of their members (casuals) to sign new flexible agreements based on this shift and roster system.

As a reminder, we formally accepted the whole package of recommendations made by the Facilitator nearly six months ago. MUNZ are yet to accept them. We were always conscious that a compromise was needed from both parties and so although we do not agree with all aspects of the recommendations, we are willing to accept it and do a deal.

Please be assured that this latest delay caused by MUNZ's new legal action does not affect operations. With the removal of the orders, which restricted Ports of Auckland's ability to hire and train staff, POAL have begun hiring and training new staff to meet labour demands.

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Dividing Line

Truck Service Statistics

Ports of Auckland is committed to providing a consistent and timely service to road carriers, enabling import and export cargo to be picked up and delivered in a timely way

Performance against this commitment is measured in several ways, including:

  • the proportion of truck visits entering via the self-service kiosks (rather than by manual process in the Road Office)
  • the average time taken to turn a truck
  • the proportion of truck visits turned within 30 minutes
  • the average quantity of containers exchanged per truck visit
  • the average dwell time of import containers in the port.

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Dividing Line

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