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Customer Advisory Change to Track and Trace Services

Ports of Auckland Ltd (POAL) recognise the importance and timeliness of good information within the whole supply chain for the most efficient movement of cargo.

Ports of Auckland Ltd (POAL) and Port of Tauranga Ltd (POTL) recognise the importance and timeliness of good information within the whole supply chain for the most efficient movement of cargo.  Several years ago both ports invested in establishing PortConnect Ltd, a common platform for shippers, shipping lines and other key stakeholders within the freight community to access information on containerised cargo, in one location.

In today's world companies are more connected electronically and we see this trend continuing.

PortConnect is now well established and both ports are preparing to decommission their own separate internal "legacy" systems, InterACT and CargoConnect.  These systems due to age are now no longer fit-for-purpose and are a potential cyber security risk to both POAL's and POTL's terminal operating systems.

In order to reduce risk to the ports' internet and Terminal Operating Systems, and to provide a single source of information, the Track and Trace options for both ports will undergo significant amendments.

As of 2nd April 2019 "public view" options on the ports' websites will provide direct links to the PortConnect Track and Trace where the "public view" is limited to the following items:


Container NumberContainer Number
Category (Import/Domestic/Transhipment)Category (Export/Domestic/Transhipment)
Location (Vessel, Yard, Inland Port, Delivered)Location (Community, Inland Port, Yard, Vessel)
Holds: Container Operator, MPI, Customs (Tick/Cross)CEDO (Tick/Cross)
Stops (Full Description) 
Last Free Day/Time 


This will provide certainty so there is no conflicting information which can currently occur between the two sources of information, mainly due to timing issues.

Further detailed container information for both POAL and POTL can be accessed via the PortConnect container search engine.  Data sharing functionality in the form of B2B and API is also available. Access to the PortConnect functionality is via a subscription for which a cost recovery fee is applied.  Please contact PortConnect by email on [email protected] or call +64 9 348 5120 for more details. 

You can review information on PortConnect website here

Express Pins:

POAL Express Pins are planned to be provided through PortConnect, further streamlining the information process so that Pre-advice, Express Pins and Container information will be all in one location. PortConnect plan to have all Express Pin users moved across to the new environment by the end of February 2019. From 1 March 2019 the Interact login will no longer be available.

Shuttle Select:

Port of Tauranga ShuttleSelect functionality will continue to be provided directly from the POTL website.

No Booking No Pre-advice:

PortConnect will be adding a new feature to Pre-advice which will require the booking reference to match a booking received from the shipping line.  We will communicate more detail on this update in the New Year.

We trust you will find this next step helpful in further streamlining the way you access important cargo information. For further information, please contact PortCo

For more information please contact:

Customer Service
P: +64 9 348 5100 Ext.1
Email us

nnect directly: [email protected] or the Customer Service teams at either port.